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Does one API support payment in different countries?

Yes, after docking API, you can collect payments in different countries, such as India and Brazil or Nigeria, and you don’t need to dock again.

Where is JINDOU's headquarters located?

Location 100 N HOWARD STS i l. R, Spokanl: , WA, 99201-0508, United ST VI ES

Is JINDOU a reliable service provider?

Sure,Partnering with USA Money Services Businesses (MSB) companies, Jindou provides merchants with multi-currency conversion and settlement. Jindou’s operations team is composed of staff from different regions supporting both multi-language communication. Jindou’s compliance team working with third-party KYC/AML service provider to ensure transactions secure and viable. Settlement and prefund in crypto is also supported for some countries.

Does JINDOU have other value-added services?

Market Consulting Jindou provides international market-related consulting services. Sales Promotion Jindou partners with global telecom operators and social media companies to promote merchants’ products and services. Data Analysis Easily viewed and managed data generated by our strong technology.

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