Why Should Choose Jindou

JINDOU is a payment aggregator that helps business make/collect payment simple, secure and easy from cross-doard customers. We process millions of transctions monthly, helping business grow by providing a suite of world -class APIs.

Safe Payment

Deliver a variety of exceptional payment experiences to your customers and build more trust with them .

Multiple payment methods

Credit/debit cards, bank transfer, UPI (India), PIX (Brazil), offline payments

Guide Payment

Support local currency payment in multiple regions around the world

Fund collection/payin

Methods while USD, EUR, GBP, HKD are supported as the settlement currencies. Merchants will be able to monitor and manage transactions via Jindou merchant platform.

Support multiple categories

Our major customer groups: independent cross-border e-commerce (physical e-commerce), games (including board games, chess cards, competitions, etc.), live streaming, social networking, paid reading, cash lending, etc.

What we focus on

APMs (alternative payment methods) with low cost; Both pay-in and pay-out service; Net settlement between pay-in and pay-out so as to avoid expensive forex and USD settlement, a virtual/merchant acct might

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Asia, South Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe

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