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Jindou has handled transactions of more than 30M USD for me, which is very convenient and saves me a lot of taxes and fees.
Martin Siphron
Gaming platform
Diversified payment methods have benefited me, and I have increased a lot of orders
Ryan Rhiel
My friend told me that JINDOU is very credible and it is convenient for me to open the African market
Zain Press

Financial Services
JINDOU is great, it has brought me convenience to open the global market, I am doing gift card game recharge.
Omar Bergson
Game Credits
The payment experience is great. My customers like it so much!
Marcus Saris
Online Reading
Receipt and payment are real-time, which is very important to me. It solves my biggest problem. It is worth recommending Jindou to my partners.
Mira Levin
Live Stream

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